The District has published a new "Revised BACT Guidance Document" in November 2023 to serve as a guideline to assist in BACT determinations for permitting of new, modified, replaced, or relocated equipment and processes. The Revised BACT Guidance has updated information related to the use of the federal, state and local districts’ BACT Clearinghouses and Guidelines to determine BACT requirements. The Revised BACT Guidance document can be accessed here on our new BACT Webpage.

Emissions Inventory System

Starting with the reporting of emissions for Calendar Year 2021, the District’s Emission Inventory System (EIS) must be used to enter emission inventory data as described in Rule 19.3. EIS allows facilities to upload Emission Inventory Request Forms, review data requests, input data for each calendar year and view the resulting inventory online after District approval. 

EIS Portal for data year 2022 will be available for reporting starting February 6, 2023.

If a data request letter is received before EIS is available on February 6, 2023, then the due date will be 60-days from February 6, 2023.

Click Here for the EIS Portal


EIS Training Webinar

Past Trainings:

  • March 7, 2023: Recording (YouTube) | Slide deck (PDF)
  • February 15, 2023: Recording (YouTube) | Slide deck (PDF)
  • February 16, 2022: Recording (YouTube) | Slide deck (PDF)

EIS Registration

All users will need to register with the EIS portal. If you previously had an account for the EIS Portal, an activation email will be issued to you confirming your access for data year 2022. If you are a Responsible Official (RO) for a facility but did not previously have an account on EIS, a registration email will be sent to your email address, please refer to List of Facilities Required to Report 2022 Data for RO designations. The registration email will contain a link to complete the registration process, once the registration process is complete, you will be able to access the EIS Portal and use the tool to upload/submit your electronic emissions inventory report for data year 2022.  If you are an agent, registering to assist in the reporting process, an email will be issued to the facility RO(s) notifying them of your pending request.

NOTE: For ROs responsible for multiple facilities, please only register for one of the EIDs for which you are responsible, and the other EIDs can be added to your account through request. Persons who had RO status but are not designated as an RO per the List of Facilities Required to Report 2022 Data will need to contact the RO for their facility and be re-approved as an alternate RO.

Help and Support

Guidance Documents

EIS – Frequently Asked Questions
EIS Portal User's Guide

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