The San Diego County Air Pollution Control District is committed to environmental justice, equity, and community engagement to provide clean air for all. APCD’s Office of Environmental Justice was established to intentionally and specifically integrate environmental justice considerations in all agency actions. APCD is currently developing a framework for the Office of Environmental Justice to define goals and strategies to support meaningful community engagement and the promotion of environmental justice and equity considerations in decision-making, including rule development, review of permits, complaints, and other documents and actions.

One of the key functions of the Office of Environmental Justice is to work with the community to implement the Community Air Protection Program (CAPP). In collaboration with community residents, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders, communities are nominated for State approval by the California Air Resources Board to participate in the CAPP. APCD then works with the selected communities to identify specific actions to improve air quality at the community level. APCD is currently partnering with the Portside Community (Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, Barrio Logan, and West National City) to implement the Portside Community Emissions Reduction Plan, learn more here. APCD also partnered with the communities of San Ysidro and Otay to nominate the International Border Community to be selected by the California Air Resources Board to participate in the CAPP.

Public Outreach - To foster and enhance community participation and engagement, APCD has developed a Public Participation Plan in collaboration with community stakeholders. The Governing Board has approved the Public Participation Plan and can be found at this link. En español

Environmental Justice - As part of ongoing efforts to support clean air initiatives, APCD has developed an Environmental Justice Framework support the Office of Enviromental Justice initiatives. The document has been approved by the SDAPCD Governing Board and can be found at this link. En español

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