Prepare - K-12 School Projects

The San Diego County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) administers state-funded grant programs to reduce air
pollution in public schools (serving students in any grade K-12).
Eligible projects may include:

• School Transportation, such as Zero-Emission School Buses and supporting charging infrastructure, at any public school
• Zero-Emission Lawn and Garden Equipment used—by schools or contractors—at schoolyards and sporting fields in disadvantaged communities
• Composite Wood Products (including tables, desks, countertops, chairs, and storage cabinets) meeting NAF (no
added formaldehyde) or ULEF (ultra-low emitting formaldehyde) standards used at schools in disadvantaged communities
• Air Filtration Enhancement and Replacement using new filters with MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value)
of 14 or greater used at schools in disadvantaged communities

Grant applications are accepted for a limited time each year.

• When the grant program is opened, you can apply through the APCD Citizen Access online application system.
• As the grant application window is limited, potential K-12 SCHOOL PROJECT applicants may wish to gather legible electronic copies of the needed documents in advance:

1. Applicant certification of compliance with federal, state, and local air quality regulations

Grant Program Regulatory Compliance Statement, signed after the grant period officially opens.

2. Tax Forms

• A completed current federal Form W-9 Taxpayer
Identification Number and Certification, AND
• A completed current California Form 590 Withholding Exemption Certificate

3. Specific Requirements

As this is a new program, please contact the APCD to inquire about documents that will be required for each project type not listed below.

Zero-Emission Lawn and Garden Equipment Replacement:
• Completed application form
• Documentation of at least a one-year manufacturer
warranty for replacement equipment
• Written consent form from the school acknowledging your
participation in the program

Two quotes and specifications for proposed replacement equipment

Composite Wood Product Replacement:
• Completed application form
• Photo documentation of the existing composite wood
products including all manufacturer information, if on wood
• Documentation that replacement wood products are NAF
(no-added formaldehyde resin)/ULEF (ultra-low emitting
• A minimum of two competitive bids.

Air Filtration Enhancement and Replacement:
• Completed application form
• Impact assessment conducted by the equipment owner or an HVAC engineer stating:
    HVAC information such as type of system and MERV rating filter.
    Estimated hours of use (based on normal duty-cycle) and maintenance downtime.
    Number of classrooms and students per classroom where air filtration is to be upgraded.
    Potential increase in energy costs for the new filtration (annual kilowatt-hour * dollars / kilowatt-hour = annual cost).
    The new filtration will not adversely affect the existing HVAC.

Finally, if you are planning to apply for a grant, please keep the following recommendations in mind:

• DO NOT PURCHASE NEW EQUIPMENT YET! New equipment funded by this program can only be ordered or
purchased once the contract is signed between the equipment owner and the APCD.
• STAY COMPLIANT! Equipment must remain compliant at all times with all applicable federal, state, or local
regulations, and all applicable regulatory advisories, without the assistance of any grant funding requested in
the application.