Prepare - Marine Engine Repower

The San Diego County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) administers several state-funded grant programs to cover
significant portions of the cost of replacing or repowering eligible equipment, which is then scrapped.

Grant applications are accepted for a limited time each year.

• When the grant program is opened, you can apply through the APCD Citizen Access online application system.
• As the grant application window is limited, potential MARINE ENGINE REPOWER applicants may wish to gather
legible electronic copies of the needed documents in advance of the application window:

1. Documents showing usage—in hours—of the existing engine(s) for the past 24 months
• Hour meter records
• Repair work orders
• Fuel records

2. Documents showing usage—in geographical location—of the existing engine(s) for the past 24 months

For fishing boats: California Fish and Game logs for the last 24 months. If these logs are too large to scan at time of
application, you may hand deliver or mail the logs to the APCD at 10124 Old Grove Road, San Diego, CA 92131 (ATTN:
Planning and Incentives).


3. Description of the existing engine(s)

Legible photographs of: 1) engine serial number tag and 2) for certified engines, the emission control label (showing
EPA engine family name).


4. Quote for proposed new equipment

Quote from a vendor detailing the cost of the proposed replacement engines and cost to install them. If transmissions will be needed, please also include the transmission costs in the itemized quote as well as a letter of justification from the engine installer for the transmissions.


5. Certification level of proposed engine(s)

EPA Engine Certificate of Conformity showing the Tier of the proposed marine engine(s) (from the equipment dealer)

If the proposed engine(s) are not Tier 4, information from the engine vendors regarding the availability of Tier 4 engines for use in your vessel must be provided. 

6. Applicant certification of compliance with federal, state, and local air quality regulations

Grant Program Regulatory Compliance Statement, signed after the grant period officially opens


7. Tax Forms

A completed current federal Form W-9 Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, AND A completed current California Form 590 Withholding Exemption Certificate


8. Proof of compliance with the CARB Commercial Harbor Craft regulation

A copy of the CARB Commercial Harbor Craft Initial Report (if not already filed with CARB, remember to file it with CARB
before the application period opens). Please contact CARB's Freight Technology Section, Harborcraft (via email to for assistance.


9. If active military service during the previous 24-month period prevents documentation of title, registration, usage
or California operation requirements during the previous 24 months

DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty


10. If it is an ACE/ZEAT Project, associated documents including a CARB EO approved compliance extension must be submitted.

You will also need to have this information handy:

• Current Vessel Operation: percentage of operation in San Diego waters and California waters, annual hours of
non-fishing activities, and whether involved in goods movement
• Vessel: name, make, model, model year, type (e.g. fishing boat, tugboat), and applicable Coast Guard/Lloyd’s
Register/IMP/CF number
• Existing Engine(s): model, model year, engine family number, serial number, horsepower, displacement in liters
per cylinder, whether it is wet exhaust, fuel type, and annual fuel usage
• Proposed New Engine(s): model, model year, engine family number, serial number, horsepower, displacement in
liters per cylinder, and fuel type

Finally, if you are planning to apply for a grant, please keep the following recommendations in mind:

• DO NOT PURCHASE NEW EQUIPMENT YET! New equipment funded by this program can only be ordered or
purchased once the contract is signed between the equipment owner and the APCD.
• KEEP EXISTING EQUIPMENT IN OPERATION! Existing equipment must be in operational condition and operating
at a similar activity level to that listed in the application until the equipment has been relinquished to an APCD approved dismantler.
• STAY COMPLIANT! Equipment must remain compliant at all times with all applicable federal, state, or local
regulations, and all applicable regulatory advisories, without the assistance of any grant funding requested in
the application.