Air Quality Complaint List


The above linked Air Quality Complaint Dataset contains a list of Complaints submitted to the District received and have been responded to.

There are many types of Complaints that are included in the Air Quality Complaints Dataset are categorized as:

  • Asbestos
  • Dust
  • Gasoline Dispense Facility
  • Idling
  • Open Burn
  • Smoke
  • Unpermitted/Non-Compliant Equipment/Operations

Complaint Records will have the phrase "CMP" in the Complaint Record ID.

The District will accept public comments on any Complaint that has completed its investigation. If you wish to comment on a specific Complaint record, please email your inquiry or comments to

To aid in understanding the dataset, the following are explanations for some of the information presented:

  • Column A (Complaint Record ID)
  • Column B (Complaint Type)
  • Column C (Source Adjacent Location) is the closest cross street to the alleged source of complaint.
  • Column F (Date Received) is the date the Complaint was submitted to the District.
  • Column G (Response Date) is the date where the District completed the inspection of the alleged source of complaint.
  • Column H (Response Duration) is the time frame, in Hours and Minutes between the time the Complaint was received and responded to.
  • Column I (Investigation Outcome) indicates the result of the entire investigation of the alleged source.