Future Regulatory Measures

State law (Health and Safety Code Section 40923) requires the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District to annually publish a list of regulatory measures that are scheduled or tentatively scheduled for consideration during the calendar year.

This list should not be construed as a commitment to adopt a particular rule or rule amendment; it is simply a list of possible rulemakings that may be considered during the calendar year.

The following rules are tentatively proposed for consideration of adoption or amendment in 2022:

Rule 12 - Registration of Specific Equipment
Rule 15 - Permit Process-Public Notification 
Rule 19.2 - Continuous Emission Monitoring Requirements
Rule 40 - Permit and Other Fees
Rule 42 - Hearing Board Fees
Rule 45 - Clean Air Non-Attainment Fees (New)
Rule 56 - Indirect Source Rule (New)
Rule 67.18 - Marine Coating Operations
Rule 67.25 - Composting and Related Operations (New)
Rule 69.7 - Landfill Flares (New)
Rule 1206 - Asbestos Removal, Renovation, and Demolition

Please note that the rules listed above are subject to refinement during the rule development process.