Air Quality Information & Links

These are external links which take you to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) website,  Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) website or EPA's AirNow website for additional air quality Information

Air Quality Index - A Guide to Air Quality and Your Health (Best viewed on a computer rather than a mobile device - pdf, 333kb)
This guide gives a comprehensive explanation of the Air Quality Index (AQI) and explains what each pollutant is and the health effects of each pollutant based on its AQI.

Our Nation's Air - Status and Trends Through 2020
EPA creates this annual report to summarize air quality and the trends associated with it throughout the United States. It takes an in depth look into the sources of air pollution, the six principal pollutants that EPA focuses on (and are regulated by the Clean Air Act) and the progress that has been made in reducing air pollution over the years despite population growth in the United States.

Federal Air Quality Standards - Review the current levels of the air quality standards for the six principal pollutants governed by the Clean Air Act

California Air Quality Standards - Review the current levels of the California air quality standards vs. the Federal air quality standards

Air Quality Comparison (EPA AirCompare - Look at Air Quality in other cities/counties and compare it to your current location)

EPA AirData/Historical Air Quality Data - Download Historical Air Quality Data 

EPA Aircraft Contrail Information-Information regarding contrails from aircraft from EPA and the U.S. Air Force