Electric Landscape Equipment Assistance Funding (E-LEAF)

The program is currently CLOSED.  All incentive dollars have been exhausted.

Calling All Professional Landscapers!!  Trade in your gas powered equipment and get $ for new electric equipment!!

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E-LEAF Flyer

The E-LEAF provides a streamlined approach to reduce emissions by replacing existing commercial combustion lawn and garden equipment (L&GE) with cordless, zero-emission electric lawn and garden equipment. The existing combustion L&GE that is eligible for trade-in under this program is to be scrapped.


Participating L&GE dealers will sell eligible L&GE to local small business and sole proprietor landscape professionals. Participants in the San Diego L&G program must already be approved dealerships in the California CORE program.


The San Diego Region has 3 million dollars for this program. Incentive funding will be available for a “like kind” exchange of combustion (gasoline) L&GE for electric L&GE. Examples of equipment types are Chainsaws/Polesaws, Edgers, Trimmers and Blowers/Vacuums.  This program can be combined or "stacked" with CORE incentive dollars.


The District Program is CLOSED.  Moyer incentive dollars have been exhausted.


A list of participating L&GE dealers can be found here

If you are a San Diego County L&GE dealer and would like to join the program please submit this application to eric.luther@sdapcd.org


Lawn and Garden Equipment Dealer Requirements

1. Comply with the Program Requirements for the Electric Landscape Equipment Assistance Funding Program.

2. Comply with the CARL MOYER Program Guidelines

3. Watch this orientation video and submit this affidavit.

4.  Be an approved equipment dealerships in the California CORE program

5. Must confirm landscape professional eligibility to participate in program

6. Must sell eligible zero emission lawn and garden equipment

7. Must accept operable combustion lawn and garden equipment as a trade-in 

8.  Ensure the trade in equipment is scrapped/dismantled at an authorized dismantler

9. Apply the correct incentive funding amount to reduce the price of the new zero emission lawn and garden equipment

10. Submit a reimbursement request to the Air District to receive the amount of incentive funding applied to eligible equipment purchases

1.       The Program participant must reside in California and currently own and operate the existing combustion L&GE in San Diego County for two years prior to applying for the Program.

·   The existing L&GE must be in operational condition. The L&GE be able to start, move, and have all operational parts intact.

·         The landscape professional will certify operability during the purchase of electric L&GE and exchange of combustion L&GE.

2.       The Program participant must be a small business or sole proprietor operating in San Diego County.

·          Government Code Section 14837 (d) (1) (A) defines “Small business” as an independently owned and operated business that is not dominant in its field of operation, the principal office of which is located in California, the officers of which are domiciled in California, and which, together with affiliates, has 100 or fewer employees, and average annual gross receipts of ten million dollars ($10,000,000) or less over the previous three years, or is a manufacturer, as defined in subdivision (c), with 100 or fewer employees. Commencing January 1, 2019, the average annual gross receipts threshold shall be fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000).  

3.       The Program participant must intend to own and operate the new replacement cordless, zero-emission electric L&GE in San Diego County for a minimum of 36 months from the date of purchase.

·         The new replacement (electric) L&GE must serve the same function and perform the same work as the baseline (combustion) L&GE. For example, a blower must be replaced with a blower.

·         The purchase of a battery and/or charging cable only without equipment is not eligible.

Equipment Category




Leaf blowers/Vacuums


Walk-Behind or Robotic Mowers


Ride-On or Standing Ride Mowers


* Eligible purchases: Lawn and garden + batteries and chargers up to max. Cannot exceed total costs of items purchased.

**Example of handhelds include: Chainsaws/Polesaws, Edgers, Trimmers, Handheld Blowers/Vacuums

Eligible Project Costs.

(A)    Batteries acquired as a part of the zero-emission L&GE purchase.

(B)    Charging cable acquired as a part of the zero-emission L&GE purchase.

(C)    Additional batteries or charging cables so long as the total voucher amount is less than 100% of the equipment costs

(D)   Co-Funding: Additional non-Moyer Program incentive funds can be applied to the purchase of L&GE. If combining or stacking incentive dollars with other programs (CORE) the maximum eligible amount of funding shall not exceed 100% of the total equipment purchase price.

(E)    Taxes and fees are not eligible project costs.

Prior to receiving reimbursement, a participating contractor (equipment dealer) must submit a reimbursement package (at least monthly) to the District. The following documents should be included in the reimbursement package.  If not received in their entirety, reimbursement will not be paid.

a.       The information collected from the landscape professionals during L&GE exchange (excel spreadsheet).

b.       A copy of the business specific invoice you received from the District that shows the final purchase price of equipment and incentive amount to be reimbursed for all items.

c.       A destruction/dismantling receipt for each piece of L&GE exchanged in the Program certifying the equipment/engine is no longer operable/repairable.

For more information email our department: cleanairgrants@sdapcd.org