Carl Moyer Program

(Updated 02/05/2019)

The District is no longer accepting applications.

During this past solicitation period (July 26, 2018 through August 28, 2018), the District offered multiple grant programs in addition to Carl Moyer, such as FARMER and CAPP. For a brief summary of these grant offerings, click here. The online applications did not require applicants to know which program to apply for; the District will determine the potential funding source for eligible projects. For frequently asked questions, and important links, see below.



June 12, 2018 - IEA/APCD Grants Workshop Webinar

The APCD hosted a grants workshop webinar for IEA members on June 12, 2018. The webinar video and presentation are available to view below:

Who can apply to the Carl Moyer Program?

Owners of the following eligible engines:  

  • Off-Road Construction (All fleet sizes - As reported in the Diesel Off-road On-line Reporting System (DOORS); some restrictions for large fleets)
  • Off-Road Agricultural
  • Marine 
  • Locomotive
  • Also, Proponents of Eligible Infrastructure Projects

Please review the 2018, or Year 20, Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for general information about eligibility, application process, project requirements, and project funding amounts. Please subscribe to our email listserv under "Air Quality - Grants and Incentives" for the latest updates.

What type of projects can be funded?

  • Equipment Replacements - Replacing existing equipment/vehicles with new, emission certified equipment/vehicles.
  • Engine Repowers - Repower engines on existing equipment, marine vessels, or locomotives
  • On-road Heavy-Duty Truck Replacements - Replacing existing goods-moving diesel heavy-duty trucks with alternative fuel, hybrid, or zero-emission trucks.
  • Infrastructure - Installing projects that provide fuel or power in support of program-covered sources.

Is my project cost-effective?

The District now offers online calculators to allow applicants to estimate their project’s cost-effectiveness, which is a key evaluation criterion.  Calculators are available for diesel equipment replacement projects and marine vessel repower projects. Use of the calculators is for estimation purposes only and does not guarantee a project will qualify for funding.  Click the calculator that applies to your project below: 

How to apply?

Applications are submitted through the County’s Citizen Access online application system:

Paper applications, fax, email, and incomplete submittals will not be considered.


When are applications due?

With the exception of the On-Road Voucher Incentive Program (VIP), the District is no longer accepting applications.

To get updates on grant program availability, please click here to subscribe to the Grants & Incentives e-mail listserv, which is listed under the section Air Quality.


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