Smoke Advisory

Due to the Ysabel Fire burning in Santa Ysabel in San Diego County, areas of smoke are affecting portions of East County. The smoke is generally blowing toward the east as of Saturday afternoon. Winds are expected to remain from the same general direction through Sunday.

Smoke impacts are likely in areas near and to the east of the fire, where fine particulates, or PM2.5 concentrations, may reach unhealthful levels.

In areas of heavy smoke, assume that air quality levels are unhealthy for sensitive groups to unhealthy for all individuals.  In areas with minor smoke impacts, assume that air quality levels range from moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups.

In areas where you smell smoke it is advised that you limit physical/outdoor activity.  If possible, stay indoors to limit your exposure to fine particulate matter and ozone, especially those residents with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly, and children.

Last updated 7/3/21 - 1815