Air Pollution Control District Governing Board      Request to Speak Form

If you would like to provide oral comments to the APCD Governing Board during the upcoming Board meeting, please complete the form below. This will ensure the Board is aware you wish to speak on that item. 

Alternatively, you can submit an eComment, which is the most direct way to voice your opinion for a Board agenda item.

If you need assistance, please email

Language interpreter services for public speakers are available upon request to the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Please contact the APCD Governing Board Clerk at (858) 245-8249 or via e-mail at

To submit your Request to Speak, please complete all of the required (*) fields below.


Please indicate if you wish to speak on an agenda or non-agenda item (either A or B):

 (A) I would like to speak during public comment on an item not on the agenda.

 (B) I would like to speak on agenda item number (select an agenda item number below).
 In Favor
 In Opposition
 I request a Spanish interpreter when I speak to the Board.


Guide for Speakers:

  • Each speaker is allocated a maximum of three (3) minutes for non-agenda public comment and three (3) minutes per agenda item.
  • Comments should be directed to the Board as a group.
  • Materials submitted at the meeting become part of the Governing Board's official record. The speaker’s name must be clearly marked on all materials.
  • Any person wishing to speak is requested to submit this form by 1:30 P.M. on the day of the meeting.