Title V Permits

Title V of the Federal Clean Air Act requires that state, local and tribal air quality agencies develop and maintain a program to issue federal operating permits to affected facilities. San Diego County Air Pollution Control District Regulation XIV (Title V Operating Permits) contains the requirements for implementing the Title V permit program.

The District’s Title V Operating Permit Program requires all major sources, as defined by Rule 1401, to obtain Title V permits.  Permits are issued pursuant to District Regulation XIV and incorporate federal, state and local District requirements that are contained in existing District permits for these sources. 


For additional information regarding the Title V program please click here for answers to frequently asked questions. For guidance regarding significant or minor modifications, click here.


All applications must be submitted with a nonrefundable processing fee of $74. A fee deposit is required to evaluate any Title V permit action. 

Please email APCD Senior Engineer Staff or call (858) 586-2728 to request a fee estimate.

Permit Application Forms

In addition to the District's general permit application form, the following supplemental forms are required when applying for administrative amendments or minor permit modifications, or 502(b)(10) change(operational flexibility)

Form 1410-A Administrative Amendment

Form 1410-B Minor Permit Modification

Form 1410-C 502(b)(10) Change (Operational Flexibility)

Compliance Forms

The following forms are required for monitoring and recordkeeping reports and annual compliance certification for existing Title V permits:

Form 1401-J1 Monitoring & Recordkeeping Summary Report and Compliance Certification

Form 1401-J2 Deviation Report

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For instructions on how to apply for a Title V permit, email the APCD Senior Engineer or call (858) 586-2728.