Emission Reduction Credit Program

San Diego Air Pollution Control District (APCD) evaluates applications for Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) and Mobile ERCs (MERCs) and all associated transactions under the following rules.

Rule 26.0

Banking of Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) – General Requirements

Rule 26.1

Standards for Granting ERCs

Rule 26.2

Use of ERCs

Rule 26.3

Reclassification of Class B ERCs

Rule 26.4

Permanency of Banked ERCs

Rule 26.5

Transfer of ERCs

Rule 26.6

District Banking of ERCs

Rule 26.7

Shutdown and Related Emission Unit

Rule 26.8

Banking of Limited Emission Reductions

Rule 26.9

ERC Certificates and the ERC Register

Rule 26.10

Banking for BRAC Military Base Closure or Realignment Actions

Rule 27

Banking of Mobile Source ERCs

Rule 27.1

Federal Requirements for Alternative Mobile Source Emission Reduction Program

The District maintains a record of these credits in a “banking registry.” The District also reviews and tracks all transfers and usage of these credits. A summary of the banking registry is posted for ERC and MERC.

For additional assistance please email an APCD Senior Engineer or call (858) 586-2728.