Business Assistance

The purpose of the Business Assistance Program is to help businesses and other facilities in San Diego County comply with Air Pollution Control District (District) regulations at the lowest possible cost. It serves as a liaison between business owners and the APCD. Email or call (858)-586-2650 for assistance.

Avoiding a Violation

Here are some tips to help you stay in compliance:

  • Direct questions via email or ask for the duty inspector at (858) 586-2650
  • Do I need a permit?  Review District Rule 11 which lists exemptions from permit requirements
  • Read and understand your permit conditions
  • Attend training sessions at the District office
  • Request a courtesy inspection

Compliance Assistance Videos

The purpose of these videos is to assist owners, operators and contractors with complying with District regulations. Additional videos and improvements to existing videos will occur on an ongoing basis in an effort to provide additional customer service. By maintaining compliance with District regulations, you are doing your part to improve air quality and public health in San Diego County.

Industry Recognition Program

The Air Pollution Control District's Industry Recognition Program recognizes those companies or organizations that have made significant contributions to improve air quality. Throughout the year, the District recognizes Clean Air Champions, and once a year, presents the APCD-IEA Blue Sky Leadership Awards.

If you would like to nominate a business or organization please email or call (858) 586-2650.

Compliance Division Contact

Contact us Monday through Friday 7:00am-5:00pm at (858) 586-2650 or by email at