Painting Operations

The Air Pollution Control District (APCD) regulates painting operations to control the emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are precursors to the formation of ozone. The materials used may also contain dangerous Toxic Air Contaminants (TAC). Applicable rules cover various substrates and include specific definitions and standards. If you have questions or need additional clarifications please call the main Compliance telephone number (858) 586-2650 and ask to speak with the Duty Inspector.

APCD has developed and continues to add various sample record keeping forms and instructional videos to assist the business community in remaining compliant.


How to Find VOC Information for Coating Operations

How to Calculate VOC Emissions

How to Determine if a Coating is Compliant with District VOC Standards


Automotive and Mobile Equipment 

Auto Coatings Compliance Class

HVLP Spray Guns

Recordkeeping Requirements

Automotive Coatings Videos are also available in Spanish

Cleaning of Application Equipment

Open Containers

Spray Booth Filters

VOC Standards


Marine Coatings

Marine Coating Operations for Environmental Managers

Prelaunch Photo

Compliance at the Deckplate Doing it Right!

Wood Products 

Metal Parts and Products

District Rule 67.3

Sample Recordkeeping Forms

Coatings List

Coatings Usage Log

Solvent List

Solvent Usage Log

Polyester Resin

Paint Stripping and Miscellaneous Surface Coating Operations

District Rule 66.1


District Rule 67.0

District Rule 67.0.1  (67.0.1 Effective 01/01/2016)


District Rule 67.9



Compliance Division Contact

Call the Compliance Division Monday through Friday 7:00am-5:00pm at (858) 586-2650 or by email.