2022 Kids' Calendar Contest


    Winners of the 2022 Kids Calendar Contest

  • Jolina J., 6th grade, Jessie’s Art Studio (Cover Art)
  • Itzel V., 12th grade, Morse High School (January)
  • Nami M., 5th grade, Thurgood Marshall Elementary School (February)
  • Yanna Y., 2nd grade, Del Sur Elementary School (March)
  • Brenn H., 7th grade, Sullivan Middle School (April)
  • Edwin P., 3rd grade, Design 39 Campus (May)
  • Zoey C., 9th grade, Morse High School (June)
  • Howell J., 3rd grade, Jessie’s Art Studio (July)
  • Camila C., 8th grade, Sullivan Middle School (August)
  • Greyson T., 6th grade, Sullivan Middle School (September)
  • Ximena A., 9th grade, Morse High School (October)
  • Natalie W., 5th grade, Maranatha Christian Schools (November)
  • Faye M., 11th grade, Morse High School (December)

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